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KB Mensah

As a 1997 College of Hair Design graduate, KB's passion for making people feel good is what inspires him to keep going.

KB specializes in detailed work including: precision in each cut, assuring his line ups are crisp and distinguished, the use of a razor, dreds, twists, designs, hair illusion, and making sure the client gets exactly what they came to see him for every time.



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Hello, my name is Roshhat Yousif and I am a barber at Oasis Barbershop South and new to the Lincoln area.

Barbering is a passion and I knew it the first time I picked up a pair of clippers. I am someone who strives to give you a unique perfect cut everytime. Come see what im all about by booking with me using the Booksy app. Thank you.


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I have always wanted to cut hair since I was a young teenager. Once I stepped foot into my first real barbershop, I started to gain a passion for wanting to make others feel and look good.

Through the support of my family and God I finally went to College of Hair design and got my license to be a barber.

My main mission as a barber is to always make sure that every client leaves my chair with more confidence then they came in with. My clients would consider me a charismatic, caring, & funny guy who loves cutting hair.


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